Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring is a service given by a dedicated professional company who will monitor a security system for an annual fee.

A typical example would be a car sales forecourt – Outside of trading hours the monitoring station will monitor the security system following an alarm or as part of an agreed monitoring schedule.
If an intruder is detected the operator will initiate an agreed response utilizing audio warnings, alerting a manned patrol or requesting a priority police response.

Historically, remote monitoring was a prohibitively expensive option and frequently the hardware and transmission costs detracted from the appeal to many end users.

However, with the rapid growth of high-speed broadband connections, and products like the Concept Pro VXM4B, remote monitoring has now become a much more affordable option.


  • Security

Stopping criminals before they attack. Remote monitoring can be a significant deterrent to many potential intruders with audible warnings and a priority police response should the threat escalate.

  • Accountability

A full audit trail is sent to you every morning with full video playback and data log.

  • Peace of mind

Knowing the CCTV and security installation is being monitored by trained specialists.

  • Cost

The cost of an installation and a one-year remote monitoring contract is significantly less than employing one man guard.

  • Service

Expert monitoring of your premises with access to services which can be tailored to your budget and security requirements.

  • Insurance

Many insurance companies require a remote monitoring service to be in place as part of the policy.