Automatic Number Plate Recognition


Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR is an advanced solution to totally secure your site from unauthorised access based on the number plates of the vehicles trying to gain access.
Our ANPR product can be installed by itself or  fully integrated with any of our Access Control, Visitor Monitoring or CCTV equipment to provide a surveillance and security network that is second to none.

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) has been too intricate and too expensive in the past for most companies to deploy. That is until now.
Our ANPR solution opens and closes access gates and barriers to known vehicles and denies access to others until their authenticity has been verified.

ANPR can be used in a vast range of access control applications including Area Security, Site Security, Car Parks (private and public), Traffic Surveys, or even for customs border control giving automated Access Control of vehicles entering and leaving your site.

ANPR Comprises

  • Infrared CCD cameras and sophisticated imaging software to read a vehicle’s number plate from a video picture. The vehicle doesn’t need to be stationary as ANPR can read number plates at speeds of up to 100 mph.
  • Analysis software takes the extracted number plate from the video image and compares it to a customisable database of known number plates. If the number plate is recognised then the gates will open, allowing access, to the site. Unrecognised vehicles are held at bay until their authenticity has been verified.
  • A database of undesirable vehicles can also be created so that warnings with picture attachments can be emailed to nominated security personnel. Similar messages can be sent to mobile phones.


  • Completely automated Access Control of vehicles entering or leaving your site
  • Provides photograhic images of all vehicles that approach your gate which can be used to fight crime and fraud
  • Easy addition of new number plates to and removal from the database
  • Endless possiblities for use since time, licence plate and image can be captured